Q-ChemiTM – Chemiluminescence Imaging System


Q-Chemi™ is a compact and advanced imaging system especially designed for chemiluminescent samples imaging. This system offers the most advanced combination of resolution and sensitivity by large-sized CCD chip, super-cooled CCD camera and big aperture, fixed-focused lens. Due to its excellent performance, weak chemiluminescent signals could be detected fast and easily by this system.

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Technical Specs
Q-Chemi TM
CCDSingle color cooled CCD camera with high resolution
Resolution8.3 million Pixels
Chip size1.33 inch
Pixel density16 bits(0-65536 gray scale)
LensF0.95/25mm fixed lens
Reflective white lightLED
SoftwareLane 1D Ver4.0
Dimensions270x260x560 mm (WxDxH)
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Q-Chemi™: 8.3 million pixels. with single color cooled CCD Camera with high resolution ,-60 degree, Lane 1D software

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