Q-DocTM | Gel Documentation System


Q-Doc™ system is an integrated instrument including high resolution 16-bit CCD camera, along with user-friendly software for automated imaging and data analysis. With its cost-efficiency innovation, Q-Doc™ becomes an ideal system to suit all budgets and all applications.

With Q-Doc™, users can get away from tedious, costly, and unreliable film, but focus on other important issues in the experiment. The core of such novel system is its robust ability to make imaging an easy job without compromise its quality. The high resolution camera can dramatically increase picture quality by reducing background noise.


  • Integrated and automated system with finger touch technology
  • No complicated installation required, just plug in and you are ready to go
  • Versatile applications: DNA, and RNA agarose gel stained with EB, GlodView, SYBR Green, Coomassie Blue or silver staining, and all kinds of colorimetric blots, and membranes, microplates, Dot blot hybridization, clone counting, bacteriostatic rings, object measuring, etc.
  • High quality image acquisition by single color CCD camera
  • Fast, easy, and ultrasensitive imaging with wide dynamic detection range
  • Compact design to increase your work space
  • Comprehensive but easy-to-use analysis tool to give you the publication-ready images
  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Multiple software licenses with no extra charge to expedite data analysis
  • Remote Diagnostic System (RDS) for effortless maintenance
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Q-Doc™:1392*10424pixels. with CCD Camera ,transmission 302nm UV(21*21cm),transmission white light, reflection white lihgt, 590nm filter, Lane 1D software,PC,12.1' TouchScreen LCD

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